Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some popular and useful questions I get asked regarding Japanese import cars

Yes we do! – various policies & time scales – contact us for full details
Simply, to save money and to receive a higher quality car with lower mileage, higher specification and bodywork that is in undeniably superior condition.
Yes, Japanese vehicles are right-hand-drive. In Japan, people drive on the same side of the road as the U.K.

We do offer part exchange subject to your particular vehicle.

You also have the option of securing the vehicle you are interested in with a deposit which can be done by credit or debit card.

Vehicles can be held for one calendar month and negotiable for longer periods please call for further info.

Shipping, all port charges, duties, VAT, (IVA if required).
Red LED Rear foglight conversion which is done using the offside reverse light, MOT, Registration, Number plates, Fully detailed inside and out.
If you would like the Speedo professionally converted this can be done for an additional fee.
This will also remove the Japanese speed limiter which is 180km ( 112 MPH )
In general no, in Japan they have far superior roads than the rest of the world, no potholes etc and good road drainage.

I have imported some cars that have been treated to a coating of underseal. In Japan this depends on the previous owner, in some areas of Japan such as Mountain areas that have snow, generally have this treatment but some do not. Auction houses have their own independent inspectors to check and grade every single vehicle, in these cases if a car has come from a snow area they will advise if the vehicle has had any rust or corrosion, which of course, those particular cars we do not purchase.

Yes we do! – subject to status – please contact us for further information.
skyline-picAuction Grades ( Exterior )

S – As new condition, under 5,000km

5 – Vehicle is like new. All original body parts. No repair needed on vehicle. Usually only given to vehicles less than 3 years old.

4.5 – Vehicle is in excellent condition. No slight scratches or dents.

4 – Vehicle in good condition, few scratches/dents due to normal wear as you would get with any normal vehicle.

3.5 – Vehicle has a few scratches or dents visibly. The grade is usually given to a vehicle in average condition.

3 – Various scratches or dents, some paint blemishes.

2 – wholly badly corroded, non standard car, or modified car

1 – inferior car OR … very heavily modified car.

RA or A1 – Vehicle has been in a minor accident. It has been repaired to an acceptable standard.

R or A – A vehicle which has been in an accident where some parts have been repaired or replaced.

Auction Grades ( Interior )

A – As new condition. No faults.

B – Very clean condition poss. very slightly dirty.

C – Average condition – some wear in keeping with age of vehicle.

D – Dirty or Odour or big wear/rip on seats.

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